Our story

As a student JOORIE loved learning about development and the environment and spent much of her free time exploring her passion for fashion. For some time, she dwelled on how she can combine three of her interests and make a positive contribution to all. 


One day JOORIE sat meditating in the sunset by the river in London, the warmth of the sun caressed her skin. The breeze carried a scent of blossom, gently played with her hair and touched her spirit. Within this moment suddenly JOORIE had an epiphany and with every breath she took her vision became clearer. She could see her passion for fashion being transformed into a luxurious environmentally conscious fashion house with revolutionised customer relations. The JOORIE community, would be the core of all operations and JOORIE would lead and pave the way with progressive methods of operation in fashion and would use a portion of profits for development. 


From this moment JOORIE began her journey and set out to live the vision.