Size Measurements

JOORIE wants every woman to feel empowered, confident and comfortable in their clothes. Therefore to help you decide the right size and fit for you, we have standard measurements each taken at specific points in the body. You can use a tape measurer and follow the basic guide and chart, to measure yourself and find your size. When measuring keep in mind the material of the item and whether the item is intended to be a snug, straight, loose or swing fit. This may help you decide on right size and fit for you. 

If you find you are in between sizes, we always recommend that you select the next size up.

JOORIE knows every woman has a unique body and preference with fitting of clothing, which is why we provide haute couture services for selected casual, party and bridal wear. If you are interested in having an item produced specifically to your measurements, you can use the illustration below to learn how to measure yourself and send us your measurements. Try to avoid wearing overly thick clothes when measuring yourself. If you have questions about our haute couture services or measurements, contact us at

Haute couture items may have additional charges.  

Measurement Areas


Shoulders measure at widest point

Lower waist

measure below the belly button at widest point of the lower waist.

Hips are measured at widest area around the hips

Bust measured around largest point of chest

Natural waist

measure above belly button at narrowest point of the waistline.